in a country full of persecution

kwizera is bringing hope and light

Prayer Moment in South East Asia

In Southern Asia there are plenty of religious organization and places of worship where you can find people gathered. Since 2015 Kwizera has been bringing something different to the areas where we work.

For starters, in many areas of South Asia, Christianity is persecuted by the law.

In the face of this adversity, one of the largest Christian churches seen in the country in years has begun to thrive, and we are so blessed to see God moving in this revival.

The leader of this church prayed while he was severely sick with Covid-19 "If you save me I will never stop working to save people for you." God has blessed and grown this community ever since.

From youth groups and teen led worship nights to new discipleship and generous giving from all parts of the community, the Lord is working.

While the South Asian government refuses aid to anyone declaring Jesus name, we are witnessing a truly miraculous revival in one of the most Christ-deprived nations on the planet.

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