from tragedy and violence rises

a miracle of faith and community

When we first arrived in Rwanda in 2007 our then visiting missionary team learned about the genocide from those that survived one of the most violent events in the modern era.

After everything had been taken they turned to the Lord.
We witnessed children raising toddlers of other families, men and women giving up their livelihoods and educations for the survival of their community.

As these children grew up we were able to provide support for them in school and agricultural education, in food and health, and through rebuilding their lives with God as their foundation.

Because of this work we have been blessed to watch as reconciliation, joy, and passion for our Lord has spread throughout towns and eventually the whole country.

Family members of Rwanda together for service.

From stories that have changed from "losing everything, and everyone left" to "God loves me so much, He has been there through it all".

Then even the Rwandan government beginning to crack down on corruption, banning abortion, and truly letting God take over a broken nation.

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