JAMES 1:27

“Pure and genuine religion

in the sight of

God the Father

means caring for

Orphans and Widows

in their distress,

and refusing to let

the world corrupt you.”

Since 2007 Kwizera Ministries has been an expression of our passion and prayers to find people groups that are underserved, persecuted, and victimized by the World.

Working alongside others God has given us doors to open nations and communities to the Word of God. From there it has been pure joy seeing our friends around the world find healing, forgiveness, love, and peace in faith.


Prayer Moment in South East Asia

Then in 2015 we prayed for another group to seek after. Our Rwandan ministry was thriving and we could not wait to bring the news of Jesus to others, no matter where it would take us. This is how we began working in South Asia.

In a country where the federal government refuses to aid any who call themselves Christian we found a group of people not only open to the Lord but seeking after Him. Despite social persecution, making themselves targets for many different groups, and the difficulty to even find a Bible, this new part of our family has grown in both faith and number.

Family members of Rwanda together for service.Meaningful prayer for our church family.Washing one another's feet, as Jesus did.

a team serves together as the hands and feet of Christ

"How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news" Rm 10:15

We believe that each person who serves these communities in our mission are acting out the mission put forth in Matthew 28 for us to teach and make disciples of all nations. Acting on this belief, Kwizera's main goal is to bring the Word of God to people around the world through the power of prayer, scripture, and the Holy Spirit.

Our family in Rwanda has grown immensely.

The holy spirit empowers laymen to minister in the church

"Preach the word; be ready in season and out of season" 2 Tim 4:2

Some of our volunteers have served with us from the very start, and this year we will see new faces with us as well! Volunteers are always welcome, and we would be happy to provide you with more information regarding the trip or how you can help.

Washing one another's feet, as Jesus did.

finding god's love in all situations

"This is love: it is not that we loved God but that he loved us" 1 Jn 4:10

Building churches, raising pastors and disciples, teching leaders etc
From partnering with Solace ministries to the many local and national churches who provide both volunteer and financial support, teaching children and helping families affected in tragedy has taught us all about new levels of love and perspective.

The new church being built in Rwanda.
Decorative Image


By sponsoring our missions, you are providing an education for Rwandan and South Asian children, homes for widows and those left behind by after devestation, and tools for our ministry to reach more of God's children with the Word.
You can setup a recurring scholarship, each month, for the ministry of your choice